Universal spray plume camera

The Plumespector is an in-line thermal spray camera that measures the dimension, orientation, intensity and stability of the spray plume for all thermal spray processes.

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Nothing beats experience, but what happens when experience retires? The Plumespector will store and give you access to the knowledge of your best operators, the ones who can tell the spray is good just by looking at it!


Plume angle



Plume width



Plume intensity

Plume stability

Plume deviation

Plume density

Plumespector advantage

Get access to the plume measurements

The Plumespector can characterize all thermal spray processes:

  • Wire-Arc Spray
  • Flame Spray
  • Air Plasma Spray (APS)
  • High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spray (HVOF)
  • High Velocity Air-Fuel Spray (HVAF)
  • Suspension Plasma Spray (SPS)

All measurements obtained with the Plumespector (plume angle, width and intensity) have adjustable high and low limits for each process. This makes it easy for the spray booth operator to respond to an alarm.

Industry 4.0 ready

The Plumespector comes with a web-based user interface that can be displayed from anywhere in the plant. Its HTTP and PLC interfaces allow full automation of the measuring sequence. It can be triggered by the spray robot itself and generates a production report every time it is told to do so. It is 100% ready for the 4.0 digitalization of your booth.

Dependable measurements

The Plumespector is calibrated using NIST-traceable instruments. For each unit, the magnification factor of the optics and the photonic efficiency of the detection are calibrated so that all sensors are identical. It’s so much more than a simple camera.

Integrating the Plumespector

It’s important that our clients understand how easy it is to integrate the Plumespector into their quality process. We’ve divided this into the following five steps:

Technical specifications - Plumespector


Measurements ranges

Spray plume intensity and peak

5% accuracy

5% accuracy

Spray plume width & position

0.6 mm accuracy

0.02 in. accuracy

Spray angle

0.2 degree accuracy

0.2 degree accuracy

Measurement volume information

CMOS camera field of view

400 mm

15.7 in.

Working distance

200 mm

7.87 in.

Dimensions and weight

Sensor head

195 mm X 77 mm X 62 mm

7.7 in. X 3 in. X 2.4 in.


230 mm X 230 mm X 102 mm

9 in. X 9 in. X 4 in.

Total weight

12 kg

26.5 lb

Plant supplies

Power requirements

120 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

120 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

Air supply

1.35 to 2 bar of clean dry compressed air

20-30 psi of clean dry compressed air

Positioning bracket

Refer to mechanical drawing in manual

Refer to mechanical drawing in manual

Automation connectivity

Refer to Section 4 in product manual

Refer to Section 4 in product manual

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