One sensor for all processes

Virtue of the pandemic, minimizing workspaces and company buildings has become a point of interest for many companies. In an effort to utilize your workspace efficiently, creating versatile and multifunctional labs has become of great importance.

Spray shops today are versatile and often operate different thermal spray processes in the same booth. Thermal spray labs today are capable of performing many different types of thermal spraying such as flame spraying, HVOF, APS etc. all in the same lab. Additionally, keeping up with the industry 4.0 revolution and digitization of industrial processes, the use of online diagnostic spray sensors has become growingly popular. However, the challenge faced in by users is finding the right spray diagnostic sensor for each thermal spray process and developing the infrastructure around each sensor in their lab.

To solve this problem, Tecnar developed the Accuraspray 4.0, a universal spray sensor for all thermal spray processes. Eliminating the need for having multiple sensors for different spray processes, the Accuraspray 4.0 allows you to characterize all high-temperature thermal spray processes including but not limited to flame spray, APS, HVOF and wire arc spray. With its user-friendly UI, you can use the Accuraspray 4.0 to develop and store multiple process setups for different spray processes, minimizing the infrastructure required to support the use of this sensor in your lab. To find out more, check out our website or send us an email!