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The Accuraspray CS is an in-line cold spray sensor that measures the velocity and relative flow rate of the particles as they leave the spray nozzle.

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Ensure particle adhesion

No one wants to waste powder, gas or induce unnecessary residual stress. That’s why cold spray processes operate at specific particle velocity ranges to achieve the best coatings. Now, with the Accuraspray CS, it’s simple to do a fast, reliable check on in-flight particle velocity for all your processes, powder types and feed rates.


In-flight particle velocity

Relative feed rate

Process stability

The Accuraspray CS advantage

The most dependable measurements in the industry

The Accuraspray CS was built on the Accuraspray 4.0 platform, the benchmark for spray diagnostics in production environments due to its consistency and ease of use. Although the Accuraspray CS is a new product at Tecnar, it is capitalizing on decades of engineering in the Accuraspray family.

The Accuraspray CS works for feed rates from 10 g per minute to 10 Kg per minute and monitors all powders in the market. Its well-established time-domain correlation technology produces data with 2% accuracy over the entire measurement range. And by design, the aging of the sensor doesn’t affect its calibration.

Live feed rate

The Accuraspray CS gives you the added advantage of evaluating the relative feed rate based on the nature of the collected light from the spray plume. Although not an absolute indicator in grams per hour due to the varied reflectivity of sprayed materials, the Accuraspray CS provides a relative feed rate for a given powder type. Since the sensitivity of the Accuraspray CS to feed rate is linear, it’s easy for the user to calibrate it in any preferred units. Last but not the least, the instrument also indicates the feed rate stability, which is a key quality indicator of the process.

Industry 4.0 ready

The Accuraspray CS comes with a web-based user interface that can be displayed from anywhere in the plant. Its HTTP and PLC interfaces allow full automation of the measuring sequence. It can be triggered by the spray robot itself and generates a production report every time it is told to do so. It is 100% ready for the 4.0 digitalization of your booth.

Integrating the Accuraspray CS

It’s important that our clients understand how easy it is to integrate the Accuraspray CS into their quality process. We’ve divided this into the following five steps: 

Technical specifications - Accuraspray CS


Measurements ranges

Particle velocity

5 - 1200 m/s at 2% accuracy

16.3 - 3900 ft/s at 2% accuracy

Relative feed rate

0 - 1000 g/s (calibration dependant)

0 - 1000 g/s (calibration dependant)

Measurement volume information

Working distance

200 mm

7.87 in.

Dimensions and weight

Sensor head

190 mm X 110 mm X 62 mm

7.5 in. X 4.3 in. X 2.5 in.


230 mm X 230 mm X 102 mm

9 in. X 9 in. X 4 in.

Total weight

12 kg

26.5 lbs

Plant supplies

Power requirements

120 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

120 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

Air supply

1.35 to 2 bar of clean dry compressed air

20-30 psi of clean dry compressed air

Positioning bracket

Refer to mechanical drawing in manual

Refer to mechanical drawing in manual

Automation connectivity

Refer to Section 4 in product manual

Refer to Section 4 in product manual

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