Coldspray Meter:
Research and industry standard for cold spray diagnostics

The Coldspray Meter can characterize individual particles and provide complete velocity and size distributions for cold spray processes in real time.

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The Coldspray Meter is an ideal tool to:

  • Validate fluid dynamic models
  • Optimize spray nozzles
  • Develop spray parameters
  • Maximize deposition efficiency
  • Monitor production runs
  • Predict equipment changes

Particle velocity and size distribution

Size vs. velocity correlation

Flux (feed rate)

The Coldspray Meter advantage

Single particle detection

The Coldspray Meter uses photo-optical sensors to detect individual particles in the spray plume. The in-flight particles passing through the detectors generate a signal used to accurately determine velocity, size and feed rate for individual particles in the plume.

With acquisition rates as high as 300 particles per second, the Coldspray Meter is one of the most sensitive cold spray sensors in the industry today.

Particle distributions

Individual particle detection generates histograms for particle velocity, size and feed rate in real-time. As displayed in the figure, particle distributions can become a powerful tool for modelling and process control. The histograms can be viewed with a volumetric scale on the x-axis to inform on deposition efficiency of the process.

Measurement correlations

Using the particle distributions generated by the Coldspray Meter, strong correlations can be identified between the parameters being measured. For example, particle velocities can be measured as a function of particle size and feed rate allowing in-depth process learning, monitoring and control.

Cross-section profiling

The Coldspray Meter comes with an X-Y scanning device to perform plume cross-sectional analysis. The scanner produces contour plots indicating the distribution of various particles in the plume cross-section, as shown in the figure. This unique feature offers great insight about plume dynamics in cold spray.

Technical specifications - Coldspray Meter


Measurements ranges

Particle velocity

400-1200 m/s at 2% precision
**optional**: low speed configuration: 5-400 m/s at 2% precision

1300-3900 f/s at 2% precision
**optional**: low speed configuration: 16-1300 f/s at 2% precision

Particle diameter

10-300 µm, depending on process parameters

0.39-11 µin, depending on process parameters

Measurement volume information

Working distance

100 mm

3.93 in.

Temperature & velocity measurement volume

0.43 mm³ at 5 mm depth of field
**optional **: low-speed configuration: 0.15 mm³ at 5 mm depth of field

0.000026 in³ at 0.2 in. depth of field
**optional**: low-speed configuration: 0.0000092 in³ at 0.2 in. depth of field

XY Scanning travel

50 mm x 50 mm

2 in. x 2 in.

Dimensions and weight

Scanning module

152 mm x 300 mm x 615 mm

6 in. x 11.8 in. x 24.2 in.


580 mm x 770 mm x 305 mm

22.8 in. x 30.3 in. x 12 in.

Total weight

49.5 kg

109.1 lbs

Plant supplies

Power requirements

120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

Air supply

1.35-2 bar of clean dry compressed air

20-30 psi of clean dry compressed air

Laser Charateristics


Class IV


790 nm

Nominal power

3.3 W

Maximum power density

6.5 W/cm²

42 W/in.²

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