Coldspray Meter

Based on the time-tested DPV principle, the Coldspray Meter can characterize particles individually and provide complete velocity and size distributions for cold spray processes.

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How fast is fast enough?

The Coldspray Meter is the ideal tool for researchers and production managers involved in cold spray processes. It helps to validate fluid dynamic models, optimize spray nozzles, develop and optimize spray parameters, maximize deposit efficiency and monitor the process during production runs. Its intuitive touch screen user interface makes it easy to integrate into daily operations. The data is available as CSV files and can easily be accessed via Ethernet or a USB flash drive.

Velocity and size distribution

Size vs. velocity correlation

Flux (feed rate)

The Coldspray Meter advantage

Single particle detection

The Coldspray Meter is based on DPV technology, so it measures individual particles one at a time at a rate as high as 300 particles per second. The advanced filtering layers intrinsic to DPV particle detection can be balanced by the operator to ensure maximum detection rate and avoid false positives.


A measurement of velocity and size is computed for each particle that crosses the sampling volume of the Coldspray Meter. It is then possible to see if the larger particles have significant velocity discrepancies compared to smaller particles. These correlations are key for validating spray models and optimizing spray nozzles.


Thanks to individual particle detection, the Coldspray Meter provides complete velocity and size distributions in real time. The velocity curve can also be displayed with a volumetric scale on the x-axis to shed light on the deposition efficiency. 

Cross-section profiling

Like the DPV, the Coldspray Meter has a very small sampling volume, which is key to individual particle detection. The instrument also comes with an X-Y scanning device with advanced functions, such as self-centering and 2D mapping of the velocity and size distributions.

Technical specifications - Coldspray Meter


Measurements ranges

Particle velocity

50 - 1200 m/s at 2% accuracy

164 - 3900 ft./s. at 2% accuracy

Particle diameter

10-300 µm

10-300 µm

Measurement volume information

Working distance

100 mm

3.93 in.

Dimensions and weight

Sensor head

52 mm X 300 mm X 615 mm

6 in. X 11.8 in. X 24.2 in.


580 mm X 770 mm X 305 mm

22.8 in. X 30.3 in. X 12 in.

Total weight

49.5 kg

109.1 lbs.

Plant supplies

Power requirements

120 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

120 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 5A

Air supply

1.35 to 2 bar of clean dry compressed air

20-30 psi of clean dry compressed air

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