April 4, 2024

Effect Of Spray Parameters On The Microstructure, Solid Lubricant Phase Retention, And High-Temperature Tribological Performance Of Plasma Sprayed YSZ/Baf2 Composite Coatings

This report deals with the development of a self-lubricated plasma sprayed YSZ/BaF2 coating taking the following into account: (i) the compatibility of the solid lubricant BaF2 with YSZ ceramic in terms of wettability, (ii) the homogeneous dispersion of lubricant in the ceramic matrix, and (iii) the measurement of weight fraction of lubricant phase finally retained in the coating microstructure using Rietveld refinement. The YSZ/BaF2 mix demonstrated excellent flowability, and homogeneous distribution of BaF2 with a dopant concentration of 15 wt%. The primary purpose of this work is to explore the influence of the spray parameters on BaF2 phase retention in the YSZ/BaF2 coatings, and its tribological performance at a high temperature. Under the given parametric conditions, a maximum of 3 wt% of BaF2 was retained. The YSZ/BaF2 coating reduced the coefficient of friction and wear rate of YSZ by 39% and 38%, respectively at a temperature of 600 °C.

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Originally published at Journal of the European Ceramic Society (Volume 44, Issue 8, July 2024, Pages 5166-5180)
By Rajib Das, Subham Sarkar, P.P. Bandyopadhyay