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The DPV Evolution can accurately monitor and characterize most thermal spray processes including cold spray, flame spray, APS, HVOF and HVAF.

The Accuraspray can only characterize processes that exceed 1000 °C, so it can effectively monitor flame spray, APS, HVOF and HVAF, SPS, etc.

The Accuraspray 4.0 is ideal for production applications and process monitoring. Clients have used it for developing spray parameters, validating simulations, performing spray parameter transfers and process control. The DPV is typically used for analyzing spray processes and in-flight particles for research and production applications. It is also used to measure single particles to validate research hypotheses and perform optimization studies.

All thermal spray sensors are portable and can be transported between laboratories and locations. The Accuraspray’s compact sensor head and power module make it ideal for travelling and easy to use in different locations. Since the temperature and velocity calibration information stays within the sensor head, the sensor head can be used in many different spray booths and produces repeatable results. Click on the desired product to see their dimensions.

The sensors can be fully integrated into the user’s system and data retrieval can be performed on the user’s computer with HTTP commands or a PLC controller. The user can also fully integrate the Accuraspray into their computer and load set-ups. With the Accuraspray’s feedback loop capabilities,  integration can extend to  using sensor measurements for Go/No Go decisions for spray processes.

Click here to learn how Flame Spray Technologies BV integrated their sensors.

The Accuraspray is a straightforward, easy-to-set-up, self-installing unit. The set-up can be completed by the user in a few hours by simply following our free training webinar. The DPV set-up is done by Tecnar personnel and can be completed in one day.

The DPV Evolution power requirements are: 100 /120 – 200 /230 VAC, 50-60 Hz and auto-switch. The Accuraspray power requirements are: 120 – 240 VAC and 50-60 Hz 5A.

The DPV Evolution with the cold particle illumination option can be used to monitor and characterize individual in-flight particles and measure their velocity, size and flux. The Coldspray Meter can also characterize the velocity, size and flux of in-flight particles in cold spray, while the Accuraspray CS can measure in-flight particle velocity and flux for cold spray.

The DPV and the Coldspray Meter can measure the process feed rate through the trigger rate for the sampling volume. That means they can provide a measurement for the powder flux in a spray process. The Accuraspray can measure relative feed rate through plume intensity. The intensity signal can be calibrated with the powder feed rate in order to derive relative feed rate measurements.

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