January 30, 2009

Improved Thermal Spray Consistency Via Plume Sensors -An Aerospace Perspective

Plume Sensor Technology can assist the conventional thermal spray shop to improve process consistency and output for many different process categories. In spraying of abradables, analysis of the powder injector site with the SprayView System can help determine the best injection site and combination of powder and carrier gas. For Cold Spray, with the critical nature of terminal velocity for many materials and dependence upon particle size/distribution, the DPV/CPS 2000 system can assess the seed and size distribution in the plume via laser technology. With HVOF and any other conventional thermal spray process, the balance of thermal energy (temperature), intensity (powder feed and thermal mass), and speed (velocity) are critical to process success and can be measured by the Accuraspray System with the additional input of monitoring maximum substrate temperature on the same screen. The Plume Sensor data can be relied upon in conjunction and correlation with microstructural, tensile, and hardness data to meet and exceed stringent aerospace specifications. In the present paper, the use of the Accuraspray
system in real production situations will be discussed and highlighted.

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By John P. Sauer, Thomas Grijalva, Luc Pouliot